Think Viral – Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the foremost powerful digital marketing strategies. With the ability to double website conversion rates, as well as drive brand awareness and website traffic, content marketing is essential to increasing your company’s revenue. With Growth Facet Digital Agency as your content marketing services partner, you can expect custom content that follows search engine optimization standards. Even better, you can count on transparency.

Our Content marketing Includes the following stages:

CONTENT STRATEGY: All our content marketing service packages include a custom content strategy, engineered for your business, your audience, and your goals.

CONTENT DEVELOPMENT: Next, we tend to produce a content calendar for your company’s must-share content. Based on your plan, you may receive 3-10 pieces of content.

CONTENT CREATION: Our experienced in-house copywriting and marketing team begin creating your custom content, whether it’s a blog post, online guide, or video.

CONTENT OPTIMIZATION: Your content marketing management services additionally include SEO, that optimizes your content for users and search engines.

CONTENT REPORTING:Each month, we provide an easy-to-read content report that shows the performance (and returns) of your content to your bottom line.

Your Customers Are Listening:

      1. Utilize powerful content to accomplish the following:
      2. Create a distinct brand voice and personality
      3. Develop relatability with your intended audience
      4. Generate interest with persuasive writing
      5. Build awareness for your brand
      6. Support alternative collaborative digital marketing efforts (PPC, SEO, etc.)
      7. Enrich your reader’s understanding of your business core products and services.

From blogs and news articles to YouTube videos and even memes, almost everything that you encounter on the Internet falls under the overarching umbrella of “content.” When we talk about digital content marketing, however, we’re not talking concerning content in such broad terms. Our content marketing strategy is just as much about intent as it is content. Let’s create the content and make it viral.
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